What is the Difference Between CEH V10 and CEH V11


CEH Certification

  • Establish and enforce basic standards for professional information security specialists to be credentialed in ethical hacking techniques
  • Notify the public that credentialed people meet or surpass the basic requirements
  • Enhance ethical hacking’s status as a distinct and self-regulatory profession

What is CEH V10

What Is CEH V11, and Why Is It Demanding?

  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Clear Logs

What’s New in CEH V11?

  • EC-Council introduced the CEH v11 course, adding more topics to the curriculum while deleting other topics from CEH v10
  • The CEH V11 course covers all of the objectives in detail, allowing you to acquire the required skills and knowledge to pass the CEH test
  • CEH v11 certification is a high-demand security certification with a high payout worldwide
  • CEH is now in its eleventh version, with the most up-to-date operating systems, tools, methods, exploits, and technologies

Difference between CEH V10 and CEH V11


  • SMB Enumeration, Netbios Enumeration, Smtp Enumeration, and LDAP Enumeration are all examples of enumeration
  • Malware from the past and no analysis in Version 10
  • In V10, there is no OT idea and only a basic IoT concept
  • The fundamental notion of cloud computing — just types of cloud computing — no vulnerability explanation in V10 — no advanced concept provided
  • WEP and WPA2 are two old wireless concepts


  • NFS ENUMERATION, DNS Cache Snooping, and DNSSEC Zone Walking have all been added
  • The threat of Malware, File Less Malware, and Trojan Analysis
  • IoT Hacking, — Device Management, — IoT Hacking, — IoT Hacking, — IoT Hacking, — OT Security, and — OT Attack
  • Explained Kubernetes Vulnerability Case Study and Server Less Application Security Concept have been added to Cloud Computing Solutions
  • New and Advance wireless Security mechanism added — WPA3 — Implementation, Process — WPA3

Exam Cost

Exam Pre-requisites




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