What is Cyber Threat Hunting


Threat Hunting Investigation Types

  • Structured Hunting
  • Unstructured Hunting
  • Situational or Entity Driven

The 4 Steps of Cyber Threat Hunting

  • Develop a Hypothesis
  • Begin the Investigation
  • Discover New Patterns
  • Respond, Enrich & Automate

How Does Cyber Threat Hunting Work?

Threat Hunting Tools

Benefits of Cyber Security Hunting

  • Cyber threat hunting has numerous advantages, including early detection of attacks, decreased false positives, and faster incident reaction times. Cyber threat hunting can also assist firms in better understanding their attack surface and identifying security holes.
  • One of the most important advantages of cyber threat hunting is the early discovery of threats. Organizations can discover attacks before they cause significant damage by proactively searching for evidence of malicious activity. This enables organizations to take measures to mitigate the attack and reduce its damage.
  • Another significant advantage of cyber threat hunting is the reduction of false positives. Traditional security technologies, such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), are prone to false positives. IDSs produce many warnings, the majority of which are false alarms. This can overburden security teams, causing them to miss legitimate threats.
  • Organizations can also benefit from cyber threat hunting by better understanding their attack surface. Organizations can limit their exposure to possible threats by detecting gaps in their security posture. This can assist enterprises in improving their entire security posture and protecting their assets.

Challenges of Cyber Security Hunting

  • Ensuring Complete Coverage
  • Keeping up with the Latest Threats
  • Staying Ahead of the Attackers
  • Collaboration with Other Teams
  • Reporting Discoveries




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