What is Azure Firewall Manager


Azure Firewall Manager Features

  • Central Azure Firewall Deployment and Configuration
  • Hierarchical Policies (Global and Local
  • Integrated with Third-Party Security-as-a-Service for Advanced Security
  • Centralized Route Management
  • Users can easily route traffic to the secured hub for filtering and logging without manually configuring User Defined Routes (UDR) on spoke virtual networks.
  • Only deployed protected virtual hubs can use this capability.

Azure Firewall Manager Architecture Options

  • Secured Virtual Hub
  • Hub Virtual Network

How Azure Firewall Manager works?

  • Threat intelligence settings, policies, and rules for Azure Firewall.
  • Rule Processing
  • Activities that Firewall Manager can carry out.

Benefits of Azure Firewall Manager

  • Centralized provisioning and management of Azure Firewalls
  • Implement uniform security rules throughout the organization
  • Track resource utilization and firewall activity in one location
  • Azure Firewall Manager is appropriate for businesses that need to create and administer many Azure Firewalls
  • It is also a fantastic option for providers who give their clients managed firewall services

Drawbacks of Azure Firewall Manager

  • It requires an Azure subscription
  • It does not support all Azure regions
  • It cannot be used to manage on-premises or hybrid deployments
  • Finally, it does not currently support Azure Private Link

Applications of Azure Firewall Manager

Pricing details

Azure Security Baseline for Azure Firewall Manager




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